Fixed Ops 20 Groups


Our meetings bring together similar non-competing fixed operations managers from around the country to exchange with each other business strategies that define approaches, tactics and deliberate plans that attract service and parts customers so they may achieve their business goals; in a comprehensive sense that summarizes everything fixed operations must do to be profitable. 

Each meeting includes discussion points on proven Service and Parts processes and organizational methods of structured actions and tasks by staff and equipment that in specific ways produces the desired outcome for customers and serves fixed operations’ business goals.  

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Professional Manager


During five days of in-house training, we train your service and/or parts managers how to professionally....

  • Build Service and Parts Processes and Standards
  • Motivate and Coach Individuals
  • Improve Department Performance
  • Develop Specific Selling Techniques
  • Create a Concierge Atmosphere for Customers
  • Create and Achieve Departmental Business Goals
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Service in Their Department

Professional Advisor


During two 1-1/2 days of in-house training, we train your service and/or parts advisors how to professionally....

  • Provide Exceptional Customer Concierge-Style Service
  • Build a Lasting Relationship with Your Customer
  • Acknowledge and Greet the Customer
  • Perform the Vehicle Walk Around
  • Present and Sell Scheduled Maintenance, Needed Repairs & Other Needed Services 
  • Update Your Customer & Perform a Delivery-Before-the-Delivery
  • Schedule the Next Appointment
  • How to Perform the Active Vehicle Delivery

Service & Parts BDC


We will train you and your staff how to professionally...

  • Free-Up Service Advisors for Consulting and Selling
  • Control Your Service Reservations System and Elliminate Under or Over Booking Caused by Too Many People Setting Appointments
  • Capture Missing or Incorrect Customer and Vehicle Information in Your DMS Including Email Addresses
  • Sell Scheduled Maintenance
  • Sell Previously Declined Maintenance or Declined Repairs
  • Track New Service Customers
  • Campaign to Customers for Missed Scheduled Services and Maintenance Specials
  • Personalized Proactive Notification to Your Customers Concerning SOP Arrival and Open Recalls
  • Control Loaner/Rental Vehicles and Sublet Work

Tire & Accessory Center


We will train your dealership accessory department staff how to....

  • Create an Inspection Process to Sell Replacement Tires
  • Merchandise and Display Replacement Tires
  • Advertise Replacement Tires Against the Competition
  • Merchandise and Display Specialty Tires and Wheels
  • Merchandise / Display / Sell Your Accessories
  • Use Both Factory and Aftermarket Accessories


Increase Your New & Used Vehicle Sales!

Increase Your Service & Parts Sales!

Increase Your Body Shop Sales!

Stop giving your business to the aftermarket competitors!

Your Next 20 Group Speaker


Attention 20 Group Coordinators.....

Mark has spoken at several Digital Dealer Conferences on fixed operations.  And, according to Michael Rosco, President of Dealer Communications for Digital Dealer, "Mark is one of the top rated speakers."

Mark is the moderator for FCA Service & Parts Manager 20 Groups.

Mark is available for any Dealer-20 Group. Mark has spoken at many in the past. However, he is always excited to do more. No group is too large or too small for us! When it comes to fixed operations training, Mark Beaton is one of the best. Mark has served in all aspects of fixed operations including operations manager/dealer partner.

Depending on the intent, Mark does most meetings for FREE!  If you are looking for a motivational/instructional-type speaker, contact us today to book one of the best for your all important event!

MBA Academy

Whole Dealership Customer Service Training  for Customer Retention

We're all in the same business -- customer service. Whether we're talking on the phone, meeting customers face to face, or working behind the scenes, delivering exceptional customer service is often a problem. Always remember if you don't provide excellent customer service, your competition will. 

Excellent customer service support is necessary to keep your current customers and to prospect new customers. Here are the customer service training programs you need to develop outstanding customer service at your dealership:

  • Telephone Skills
  • Email & Text Messaging Skills
  • Acknowledgement & Greeting
  • Effective Communication
  • Update Messaging
  • Sales, Service, Parts Pre-Delivery
  • Sales, Service, Parts Active Delivery
  • Follow-Up
  • Conflict Resolution